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Semaglutide +B12

Weight loss Program

Significant Weight Reduction

Sustainable Results

Improved Metabolic Health

Reduce Risks Related to Obesity

Enhanced Quality of Life

How our Semaglutide +B12 program works…

1) Simply fill out the form below with your name, email, phone number and any questions or comments you may have.

2) A member of our team will reach out to answer any questions you have and to schedule a time that is easy and convenient for you to come in.

3) Show up for your no cost, no obligation consultation.  Once we decide together if you’re a good candidate for Semaglutide, we will order your medication.

4) Start your weight loss journey from the comfort of your own home, or come in our office once a month.

5) Track your results.

Semaglutide, a revolutionary medication originally approved for managing type 2 diabetes, has gained significant attention for its remarkable benefits in weight loss. As obesity continues to pose a global health challenge, Semaglutide offers a promising solution by aiding individuals in achieving substantial and most importantly sustainable weight reduction. Its unique mechanism of action and proven efficacy have made it a breakthrough treatment, opening up new possibilities for individuals striving to attain a healthier weight and improve their overall well-being.

Semaglutide works to reduce your appetite and give you a longer-lasting feeling of fullness. It may also assist in keeping your body in a fat-burning mode. It helps regulates blood sugar and targets fat cells specifically, so there is no need to be concerned about losing muscle mass or becoming dehydrated as a result of reducing water weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Semaglutide?

It has been demonstrated that patients can lose a significant amount of weight using the semaglutide weight loss program. According to studies, semaglutide users can lose up to 15% of their body weight. Semaglutide has also been shown to provide the following advantages besides weight loss:

  • Decreased hunger & cravings
  • Better sleep
  • An increase in energy
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Improved cholesterol levels

What is B12 used for?

Two of the most common adverse side effects of Semaglutide are nausea and Hypophagia. These reactions have been illustrated to be significantly reduced when employed in conjunction with Vitamin B12. Vitamin B-12 and other B vitamins also play a role in producing brain chemicals that affect metabolism, mood, energy and other brain functions.

Who makes a good candidate for Semaglutide Weight loss Program?

Adults with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above are advised to use the Semaglutide weight loss program, as are individuals with a BMI of 27 or higher who have weight-related health problems such high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, or high cholesterol. To find out if you are a genuine candidate for therapy, you should book a no cost,  no obligation consultation with us as the program might not be appropriate for everyone.

What is included in the Semaglutide Weight loss Program?

The medication semaglutide, which is injected once per week, is part of the Semaglutide weight loss program. In order to assist patients in achieving their weight loss objectives, a customized nutrition plan and advice on lifestyle changes are also given to them. The program also includes frequent check-ins to track development and offer help

What should I expect after using Semaglutide for weight loss?

Patients can anticipate that they will have lost a healthy 15% of their body weight after completing the semaglutide weight loss program. To maintain weight loss and the associated health benefits, it’s crucial to keep up a healthy lifestyle.

What are the risks of Semaglutide?

Like all medications  there are risks and potential side effects involved depending on the individuals health, age, and many other factors. The most common side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain and constipation.  We include B12 with our semaglutide treatment that may help reduce any side effects.  The risk of side effects increase in patients with hypoglycemia, kidney problems, and risk of allergic reactions. Schedule an appointment today to go over any potential risks and side effects that may effect you.

If you’re tired of ineffective diets and seeking a safe and dependable approach to improve your health and well-being through weight loss, Constitutional Health and Wellness offers a Semaglutide weight reduction program. If you live in Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Queen Creek, San Tan Valley and Apache Junction, we warmly welcome you to get in touch with us today and embark on your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

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