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Welcome to Constitutional Health and Wellness

Constitutional Health and Wellness is a beacon of hope in the healthcare world. In this article, get acquainted with Amanda Keil, NP, the visionary driving this groundbreaking healthcare endeavor. Learn about her new venture, Constitutional Health and Wellness, and discover the many benefits it offers to those seeking a better and more energetic life.

Amanda’s journey into healthcare is a unique one. Having served in the military, she embarked on a path that eventually led her to become a nurse practitioner. Serving in the U.S. Army, she observed young and healthy soldiers grappling with injuries that could have been avoided with the right training and nutrition. It was during this time that Amanda’s fervor for patient education and the significance of preventative medicine was ignited.

As a Nurse Practitioner, she brings a unique blend of experience to her healthcare journey. Amanda has worked as a Registered Nurse in emergency medicine for six years. She knows the difficulties people face in healthcare.

Her motivation for starting Constitutional Health and Wellness stems from a desire to make people feel better and healthier, particularly as they age. Amanda recognizes that many individuals write off various health issues as natural consequences of aging, and her mission is to challenge that notion.

“Constitutional Health and Wellness”

You might wonder about the intriguing choice of the name “Constitutional Health and Wellness.” Amanda’s patriotism and the idea of going back to basics are central to this choice. “Constitutional” means going back to basics, moving away from the complicated world of pharmaceuticals and insurance that often characterize modern medicine. Constitutional Health and Wellness aims to help people improve their health through key aspects like balanced nutrition and holistic well-being.

Constitutional Health and Wellness offers three primary services:

Primary Care: Amanda’s approach to primary care goes beyond the norm. She values quality time with her patients, ensuring that they feel heard and understood.
Amanda specializes in hormone placement therapy, which helps people regain energy and vitality by balancing hormones in their bodies.

Weight Loss: Managing weight is a key component of overall health. Amanda provides solutions that help individuals shed unwanted pounds, leading to improved quality of life.

The core of Constitutional Health and Wellness is about improving lives. Their services help individuals:

Restore Energy and Vitality: Many people suffer from fatigue, lack of motivation, and brain fog. Amanda’s approach addresses these issues, helping patients regain their zest for life.

To avoid future health problems, Constitutional Health and Wellness focuses on promptly identifying health issues in order to prevent the onset of long-term diseases and reliance on medication.

Constitutional Health and Wellness uses a holistic approach. Amanda combines primary care, hormone placement, and weight loss services to provide comprehensive wellness solutions. Additionally, she offers direct access to herself, ensuring patients receive personalized care without intermediaries.

Neglecting Your Health

Neglecting one’s health has a price. It can result in a loss of precious time, both with loved ones and in terms of personal fulfillment. Constitutional Health and Wellness invites individuals to invest in themselves and their well-being, emphasizing the significance of timely action.

Personal Side

Amanda Keil is a dedicated wife and mother. She enjoys spending time with her family, hosting game nights with friends, and caring for her horses. Running a wellness business presents its challenges, but Amanda’s commitment to her patients and her mission keeps her motivated.

Constitutional Health and Wellness goes beyond healthcare. It aims to promote wellness, vitality, and a better quality of life. Amanda’s dedication to patient well-being and her passion for her work are evident in every aspect of Constitutional Health and Wellness.

Whether you seek primary care, hormone placement, or weight loss solutions, Constitutional Health and Wellness is here to guide you on your journey to better health and vitality.

Are you ready for a change?

Patients can easily schedule appointments online, complete required lab tests, and work together with Amanda to develop a personalized wellness plan that meets their individual needs. For information or an appointment, visit